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Currently, NRSV is hard at work and making progress with our new material for 2016 release on Dead City Records.  The new material promises to be our strongest to date with the NRSV anthem quality sing-a-longs we have come to be known for. We are excited and proud to continue to work hard and write great songs as a group after 25+ years. God bless NYHC and God Bless the U.S.A.

Just announced...NRSV will be playing the Grand Victory in Brooklyn, NY on July 15th. The Grand Victory is another hardcore friendly venue to fall victim to gentrification. While we are saddened to lose such a great venue, we are honored to be asked to send the G.V. out in style. We anticipate seeing all of our friends partying with us. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at NJ Toxic Fest. It was great to see all our friends and we enjoyed many cases of Olde-E. The encore of our set featured a few songs by Billy Club Sandwich as a warm up for their comeback set at this years Black and Blue Bowl. We are currently planning summer shows for Baltimore and Rhode Island with more to be announced soon. After many months and many demos, NRSV has set a date to begin recording an all new album of soon to be NYHC anthems. Stay tuned for more hardcore action. 

Click to check out pix from the Rocks Off Punk Rock party cruise. (photos by Samma Jamma)

Click to check out pix from the Rocks Off Punk Rock party cruise. (photos by Samma Jamma)

Hardcore is dead? 

Hardcore is dead...??  Really?  That's news to us!  We have all heard this polarizing statement so many times over the years NRSV has been a band that we can no longer ignore this inflammatory rehtoric. This issue needs to be addressed HERE and NOW, in our first blog-post on the all new 

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. The past dies every moment to a re-birth in the present. The Hardcore/ punk scene like many other facets of life goes through various cycles - ups and downs. What is old becomes new again. This is especially true in the case of the Hardcore scene. As bands get older, and break up for various reasons, and leave the scene, many new bands are born everyday. The new bands begin the cycle again and bring newness and life into the scene, which was previously nurtured and pioneered by the older bands.The new bands then blaze their own trail, and make new ones, going places that Hardcore has never been before. 

Many old-school heads are the first to nostalgicize their time in the Hardcore scene and claim that  'those were the (best/ good old) days'. Everyone is fond of their memories of their first shows, or discovering their first and favorite bands from 'back In the day'. Sometimes so much so, that the new bands that are scratching and clawing their way out of the pit get overlooked. But it doesn't mean that just because YOU can't seem to stop listening to the first Warzone demo that nothing of merit has come after it.  Just because some of the Old school heads have moved out of the scene, and are no longer in touch with what's going on, doesn't mean there isn't plenty of monumental stuff going on.  

So many great bands release great material every year, which add to Hardcore's continually growing legacy as a worldwide force in music, art, and folklore. Old school heads that have faded out and aren't in the scene anymore are the guiltiest of making statements that hardcore is dead. Maybe in their minds it is?  OR maybe they have simply turned their minds off. Or, their lives are headed in a different direction that doesn't allow for them to participate in the scene as much as they used to?  

Listen up Old-school peeps - don't be hating on the young punks just because you hung up your boots and traded Sunday Matinee days for a 9-5 life. Hardcore continues to grow exponentially on a worldwide scale everyday. Classic bands are still going strong - SOIA, Madball, H20, AF, Sheer Terror, NRSV, Yuppicide, Breakdown, and so many more that continue to tour, and release awesome new material.  

So many new bands come out that borrow from the old bands and add their own flavor to put a new twist on the music and make their impact felt. If you don't know all this is going on....then maybe you punked out.   

Maybe just because you gave up doesn't mean everyone else did?   

Maybe it's your spirit that is dead?  

Maybe get your head out of your ass and take a look around. 

Just because CBGBs is gone doesn't mean HC is dead.  

When people that haven't come around to a show or bought a new band's record in 10, 20 years holla that shit - it doesn't  make you sound 'old- school' it just makes you sound 'old'.. 


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